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Kamani Group / Leak Proof Plastic Bags

Leak Proof Plastic Bags



Kamani Groupleak proof bags that are manufactured with a special EVA or metallocene additives and extra seal strength to prevent leakage. This extra protection makes our leak proof bags the ideal solution for transporting tropical fish or other applications that require a liquid-filled bag.

Wholesale Leak Proof Bags

Kamani Group’ leak proof poly bags, so nothing in their chemical makeup will harm living fish. They have no side seals or slit seals, and are constructed from clean seamless tubing with a sturdy bottom seal. Our leak proof bags offer high clarity and make storage and organization easy for all applications.

These leak proof plastic bags also make an excellent alternative to low density polyethylene (LDPE) bags in many applications, especially for containing liquids or for use in low-temperature environments. These bags can provide protection for temporary storage of all kinds of items.

These bags are only available in lay flat style, meaning that the sides of the bag do not expand more than what is natural. Because they are open at the top, these bags can be closed with a heat sealer, twist ties, or tape. We offer leak proof bags in a variety of stock sizes, all of which are packed in cases of 1,000 bags. All sizes and styles are recyclable.

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